Competition for Vuohenoja landscape artwork


Competition programme

The Tramway Development Programme, in collaboration with Tampere Art Museum, invites Finnish and foreign artists to take part in the landscape artwork competition for Tramway art. The competition will observe the rules of the Artists’ Association of Finland.

1. Purpose of the competition

The purpose of the competition is to procure an artwork for display along the Tampere Tramway and Hervanta main road which will be visible to users of the tramway, adjacent light traffic route and the Hervanta main road.

The aim of the art competition is to obtain an artwork that takes the proportions of the site into consideration, becoming a landmark which is imposing and innovative and which fits in with its surroundings, while taking into account their potential and limitations. We would like the artwork to take into account seasonal variability, weather conditions, and the fact that the artwork will be seen from be a fast-moving tram and car traffic. Thanks to the adjacent light traffic route, it will be possible to look at it up close, too. The aim is to ensure easy maintenance and sustainability over the artwork’s lifetime It will be important to take illumination or light into account as part of the work. However, it should also be visible during daylight hours, too.

A separate art programme has been drawn up for tramway art, which we hope the work will take into account. The art programme can be found in the competition appendices.

The aim is for the work realised on the basis of the selected entry to be ready in spring 2021. A separate agreement will be concluded on implementation after the winner of the competition has been decided. The work will be included as part of Tampere Art Museum’s collection of public art.

2. Competition area

The competition area is approximately 20 x 25 metres and the ground is an open green space. The immediate surroundings for the artwork do not have any significant housing, but inconvenience must not be caused to passing traffic. The site specified for the artwork’s location rises slightly above the surrounding terrain and consists of mesic meadows on which grass and flowering herbaceous vegetation grows. The area is managed by mowing once or twice in the growing season. There is no data on the soil, but it is very likely clay-like, lowbearing soil. The opinion is that the foundation for the artwork should be laid on crushed rock.

A map of the location for the work and photographs of the site are attached. The competition area can be accessed independently. The indicative address of the location is the intersection between Vuohensillankatu street and the Hervanta main road.

3. Budget

The budget for the artwork is EUR 150,000 + VAT. In addition, funds of up to EUR 30,000 + VAT are available for potential foundations, electrification and lighting. The artwork is funded by the A.R. Winter Memorial Foundation.

4. Who may participate?

The competition will be organised as a general art competition in which all professional artists or working groups may participate. In the case of a working group, at least one member must be a professional artist.

Competition entries can be submitted either in Finnish or English.

5. Required material

1) Up to three paper drafts in A3 format of the idea for the artwork (photographs, drawings or equivalent, including a scale map drawing of the work’s location in the competition area. No scale models or three-dimensional objects, etc.)
2) A written description in A4 format (max. 3 pages) of the content and form of the artwork, including a preliminary cost estimate of the work. The cost estimate should specify an estimate of the amount of the artist’s fee.
3) A preliminary estimate of the work’s lifetime and annual maintenance of the work (e.g. electricity costs, etc. and components requiring regular renewal).
4) Each entry must be provided with a pseudonym and accompanied by a closed envelope bearing the same pseudonym containing the artist’s contact details.


All of the competition entry’s material must also be delivered as a pdf file on a flash drive. Identifiers relating to the artist’s identity must be removed from the flash drive and pdf files. The competition entry must not feature the name of the artist or other marking indicating the artist’s identity. A pseudonym may not refer to a real, existing person. The competition entry must not have been published previously.

6. Submission of entries

Entries should be sent either by post to Tampere Art Museum, P.O. Box 487, FI-33101 Tampere, Finland or brought to the museum during opening hours at the Tampere Art Museum, Puutarhakatu 34, 33230 Tampere.

The competition closes on 24 March 2020 at 17:00 when the competition entries should have arrived or been verifiably mailed for delivery by a post office or other carrier. The contestant is responsible for transportation and costs incurred.

7. Prizes

If the number of competition entries comparable with the prizes are submitted by the deadline, the following prizes will be awarded:

1st prize EUR 10,000
2nd prize EUR 5,000
3rd prize EUR 3,000


Tax exemption has been sought for the prizes.

The judging panel is entitled to distribute the amount reserved for the prizes differently, but nevertheless in such a way that the total amount of the prizes remains the same.

8. Judging panel

The chair of the competition’s judging panel is Taina Myllyharju, Museum Director at Tampere Art Museum. The judging panel also includes (from the City of Tampere) Jyrki Lehtimäki, Environmental Planner; Antti Haukka, Project Manager; Hanna Montonen, Director of Urban Planning and Jaakko Stenhäll, Deputy Mayor. Attorney Seppo Kovala from the Winter Memorial Foundation and three judge members appointed by the Artists’ Association of Finland, who are Heli Ryhänen Kaisa Berry and Minna Kangasmaa.

The judging panel will assess the artistic merits, feasibility and maintenance and, in particular, the ability of the entries to take control of a large space as well as the functionality of the work in different seasons and when viewed close up, at a distance or from a moving vehicle.

The Competition Secretary is Heini Orell, Art Coordinator at Frei Zimmer Ltd, which coordinates tramway art, and the liaison person is Aura Lehtonen, competition attorney for the Artists’ Association of Finland.

The competition’s judging panel may use outside experts to assist in assessing the entries.

9. Ownership

The artist will retain ownership of and copyrights to the competition entries. Copyright use must be agreed with the copyright society Kuvasto or, if Kuvasto does not represent the artist, with the artist separately. The redemption of entries must be agreed separately.

Commissioning of the final artwork will be decided by Tampere Art Museum, which has the right to commission a work on the basis of any draft awarded a prize in the competition.

10. Results of the competition and publication

The competition winners will be announced on the Tampere Tramway Art website by the end of April. The compensation organiser reserves the right to use and publish material on awarded artworks in its own communications without compensation. The competition organiser will be entitled to exhibit the entries during May after the results of the competition have been published.

The competition entries can be removed following the potential exhibition at a time to be determined later. If the competition entries are not collected by the specified deadline, they will be disposed of.

11. Additional information

For more information, please contact the competition secretary, Heini Orell, Frei Zimmer Oy, tel. +358 (0)44 971 5158, If you have any additional questions concerning the competition entries, please contact the liaison person Aura Lehtonen/Artists’ Association of Finland by 23:59 on 15 January 2020 by email at aura.lehtonen@artists.fior by telephone on +358 (0)50 434 4280. Any questions you may have will be answered on the website at as soon as possible and at the latest by 31 January 2020.

12. Availability of the competition programme

The competition programme is available on the Tramway art website at

13. Appendices:

APPENDIX 1. map of the competition area
APPENDIX 2. contour lines and trees
APPENDIX 3. location of the work along the tram route
APPENDIX 4. photos of the area
APPENDIX 5. General plan for Tramway art

Competition questions and answers

This competition programme was approved by the Artists’ Association of Finland on 4 October 2019.