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The tramway traffic begins 9.8.2021

Open trial traffic on Tampere Tramway starts on Monday – No advance reservation required in the future


Tampere Tramway’s trial traffic with passengers began on Monday 10 May. Due to the coronavirus situation, only a limited number of passengers were accepted during the first two weeks. All passengers had to make an advance reservation. Starting on Monday 24 May, passengers with a ticket can get on the tramway at all tram line 3 stops without an advance reservation. Operating hours will expand at the same time: trial traffic will be available on weekdays from 12 noon to 8 pm.

Tampere Tramway test runs expand to the Tampere University Hospital area and Etelä-Hervanta end stop


Starting on 15 March, trams will be moving for the first time in the Tampere University Hospital area in Kaleva and between Insinöörinkatu and Makkarajärvenkatu in Hervanta. Testing of the tramway system will last until 26 March in these areas, and tests will be performed with several cars simultaneously. At the same time, Tampere Tramway’s test and training runs will continue in areas taken into use earlier. They are currently being performed on weekdays between approximately 8 am and 4 pm. The driving days will lengthen during the spring until traffic begins in August.

The very first test passengers will step onto Tampere Tramway in January


Testing of Tampere’s tramway system and new tram cars is already well under way, and training for the tramway’s traffic controllers and drivers is in progress. Open trial traffic on Tampere Tramway begins in April 2021. The Tampere Tramway travel experience will be fine-tuned with groups of test customers. The tests begin in January.

Tampere Tramway test runs will continue through the winter – the tram car fleet will be a permanent part of Tampere’s traffic system in the future


On 15 November, a historic step was taken in Tampere Tramway test runs when a tram car was driven along Hämeenkatu to Pyynikintori for the very first time. Test runs in the city centre have progressed as expected. The test runs are a diverse entity that involves testing the tramway system and the new tram cars. Training runs for traffic controllers will also begin on 2 December. Development of the practical service experience can start in January, when test runs begin with test passengers. In addition to the tram cars becoming a permanent part of Tampere’s traffic system, maintenance equipment will also be a regular sight on the tracks. The tramway has changed Tampere’s traffic environment and that’s why it’s important to learn new operating methods in traffic.