Welcome to the Tramway Era!

Tampere Tram offers you a punctual and extremely comfortable way to get around in the most attractive city in Finland. The tramway traffic started in Tampere on August 9th, 2021.

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Tampere Tram is a part of the Nysse product family. The Tramway Era brings you a wider selection of ways to get around in Tampere. You can get all the necessary information on traveling by tram from Nysse.

Matkustajia Tampereen Ratikassa

Simple and smooth ride

Travel by Tram

The tram is new, very high quality and punctually operating part of the Tampere region public transport system. Traveling with tram is easy and fluent. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting on board.

Travel by Tram
Tampereen Ratikka Hämeensillalla

The tramway era has started

Tram routes

The first phase of the tram is complete - Welcome aboard!

Tram routes


Nysse informs: Holders of a Ukrainian passport travel free of charge with Tampere Regional Transport


Holders of a Ukrainian passport may travel with Tampere Regional Transport, Nysse, without a ticket from 17 March. ...

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Tampere’s art tram car begins operating on 8 December


Tampere’s art tram car begins operating on 8 December. The art tram car will be covered in changing works of art for the next two and a half years. The works of art will change every six months and ...

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New survey: Tampere Tramway is extremely popular – over 80% of Tampere residents have a positive attitude towards the tramway


Tampere Tramway Ltd has surveyed the opinions and attitudes of Tampere residents regarding the tramway in a consumer study. The survey was carried out for the fifth time, and it revealed that 81% of ...

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These five works of art will be seen on Tampere’s art tram car – more than 17,000 votes were cast in a public vote


The works of art for Tampere’s art tram car were selected by public vote. The general public had the opportunity to select five works of art for implementation on the sides of the art tram car. A ...

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