Tampere Tramway’s test car will begin operating in Hervanta in mid-March – Now it’s time to review the traffic rules


Testing of Tampere’s tramway track and tramline system with the test car will begin at the tram car depot on 16 March. The aim is to perform the first test runs with the test car outside the depot on Hermiankatu on Wednesday 18 March. If necessary, the tests will continue until the end of April. A tram car that was manufactured in 1981 and brought to Tampere from Germany will be used in the testing. Traffic controllers will ensure the test car’s passage among other traffic, but now is also a good time for Tampere residents to review the traffic rules that apply to a city with a tramway. Here comes the tram!

Tampere tramway building project progressing faster than planned; 95% of track work completed, project on schedule and budget


Most of the Tramway Alliance’s track work, as well as street and civil engineering work, will be completed by the end of this year. The track has been built even faster than planned, and track work is ahead of schedule. Three quarters of the whole project is now completed and the project is progressing on schedule and on budget.

Hämeenkatu’s first tramway block is ready – the Tuulensuu block party is on Saturday 24 August


Tampere is building a tramway, and Hämeenkatu will undergo a complete makeover at the same time. The Tramway Alliance is rebuilding the sidewalks, underground municipal engineering and street lighting in conjunction with the tramway work. Tuulensuu – the first tramway block on our main street – was completed in June. A celebration to mark the completed section of street will be held in the Tuulensuu area from noon to 4 pm on Saturday 24 August. The family-oriented event is free of charge.

New research information: Tampere Tramway’s popularity is increasing


Tampere Tramway Ltd has surveyed the opinions and attitudes of Tampere residents regarding the tramway. The first consumer study was performed in autumn 2017. A follow-up study carried out in April 2019 shows that an growing majority considers Tampere Tramway to be a useful mode of transport that will improve the city’s image and make Tampere a better place to live. 

Tampere Tramway is looking for artists via an open portfolio application


The construction of Tampere’s tramway is moving forward, and now it’s time to find new artists to create works of art for the infrastructure. The portfolio application process focuses on art for Kekkosentie Bridge and the nearby support wall and the support walls beside the Turtola tram stop. The portfolio application is open from 22 May until 13 June 2019.

Another chance to see Tampere Tramway’s Mock-up – Exhibition starting on May 8th at Rollikkahalli


Starting on 8 May, the full-scale model of a Tampere tram car, also known as “Mock-up", will be on display to the public. This Mock-up exhibition is being held at the Rollikkahalli building in Pyynikki, and it will be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week. Schools and other groups can also make advance bookings to visit the exhibition on Tuesdays and Fridays.