Tampere Tramway comes to Hämeenkatu and Pyynikintori for the first time


Tampere Tramway’s test runs in the city centre area will continue on 15 November. For the first time ever, the tram will be moving on Hämeenkatu and Pirkankatu – all the way to Pyynikintori. Sunday’s test runs will be performed between 10 am and 2 pm, while the aim on other days is to perform test runs between 9 am and 3 pm. The test runs will continue in the city centre until 27 November. Some tests will involve using two cars at the same time. During Sunday’s test runs, there will be partial detours for bus traffic in the city centre and the bus stops on Hämeenkatu will not be in use.

Nysse informs: Are you interested in being one of Tampere Tramway’s test passengers? – Here’s how to apply


Traffic on Tampere Tramway will begin on 9 August 2021 and buses will move to new routes at the same time. Trial traffic on Tampere Tramway will begin on 1 April. 2021. Prior to the start of open trial traffic on 1 April, Nysse will be looking for test passengers for Tampere Tramway in order to finalise tramway service.

A new era in Tampere Tramway test runs – recruiting of test passengers begins and VR takes over as tramway operator


Tampere will take another important step in the tramway era when responsibility for Tampere Tramway operations is transferred to VR. At the same time, test runs will move to a phase in which the first test passengers step on board to provide feedback on the tramway system and the planned traffic as a whole. Tampere Public Transport (Nysse) will start recruiting test passengers on its website on 2 November. The first test passengers will travel on the tram in early 2021.

The Tramway Alliance: Construction of the western section of the Tampere tramway to begin – new traffic arrangements and work will be put in practice and begin in November


The Tramway Alliance will begin the construction of the second section of the Tampere Tramway Alliance (Pyynikintori-Santalahti-Lentävänniemi) in November. The tramway between Pyynikintori and Lentävänniemi will go through Santalahti, Hiedanranta and Niemenranta.

Tampere City Council made a decision on construction of section 2 of the tramway and guidelines for the regional tramway


On 19 October 2020, Tampere City Council made a decision to build section 2 of the tramway from Pyynikintori to Lentävänniemi. The City Council also decided on guidelines for the regional tramway.

Tampere Tramway stands out positively – Find out more about the first fully-equipped tram car


The first fully-equipped tram car arrived in Tampere late in the evening on Saturday 12 September. Its arrival marked a major milestone in Tampere Tramway’s journey towards the start of traffic, because the car has been tested and received type-approval. This means testing of the next cars manufactured as serial production will proceed much faster.