The first stage of the tramway will be completed in 2021

Tampere Tramway is being built in two stages, with implementation of part 1 taking place in 2017–2021. The first stage involves building tramway tracks and stops from Pyynikintori towards Hervantajärvi Lake and from the University Hospital to Sori Square. The tramway depot will also be built in Hervanta during this period. Traffic will begin on the first part on August 9 2021.

Tampere Tramway’s cars will run every 7.5 minutes during the daytime, with an interval of 3–4 minutes in the city centre. At transfer stops, passengers can change to buses under a covered platform without thresholds or the need to cross the street.

Second stage to Lentävänniemi

Part 2 of Tampere Tramway includes the section from Pyynikintori to Lentävänniemi. A “branch line” in the Ylöjärvi direction –  the track section between the Hiedanranta and Lielahti – will be planned separately. Tampere City Council made a decision on implementation of part 2 in October 2020. Building of part 2 is currently in progress and the target is to build the track in 2021–2024.

The tramway lines in parts 1 and 2 have a combined length of 23 kilometres.

The construction of the Tampere Tramway

The construction work of the Tampere Tramway started in spring 2017. The Tramway Alliance is in charge of designing and constructing the tramway infrastructure and the depot area.

The construction of the tramway