Tram Cars

The trams are designed and manufactured by Skoda Transtech Oy at its Otanmäki works in Kajaani. There are 20 trams in Tampere. The ForCity Smart Artic X34 trams are 37.3 meters long, bidirectional and consist of three sections.


The average speed in revenue service will be 19-22 km/h. The maximum speed in service is 70 km/h.


Tampere tram has a maximum capacity of 264 passengers. The tram car offers 64 fixed and 40 folding seats. There is also space for 12 prams or 6 large wheelchairs/rollators, space for bicycles and 2 marked seats for guide dogs.

Main CharacteristicsTampere Smart Artic X34
Seats in total / fixed / folding seats104 / 64 / 40
Free floor space50.1 m2
Passenger capacity in total (standing passengers 4 / 5 / 6 per m2)264 / 314 / 364
Length37.3 m
Width2.65 m
Height3.6 m
Tare weight56.8 t
Operating voltage750 V
Gross height of the entrance350.0 mm
Gross height of the floor420.0 mm
Floor height at the bogie area500.0 mm
Number of entrances (front doors / middle doors)4 / 6
Dimensions of the entrance (front door/ middle doore x height)800/1 300 x 2 000 mm
Number of places for wheelchairs / prams / bicycles6 / 12 / 6
Gauge1 435 mm
Wheelbase1 800 mm
Wheel diameter new / wornØ640/580 mm
Maximum axle load10 t
Minimum curve25 m
Minimum horizontal curve250 m
Maximum speed / maximum operating speed80/70 km/h
Motor axles8
Traction power800 (8 x 100) kW
Driving energy comsumption (in 2023)502 kWh/100 km