November 2016

Tampere makes a historical decision – the city will build a tramway

Tampere takes a first step towards a new era when the city council voted to approve construction of a tramway. Construction of the first stage of the tramway is set to begin in the spring of 2017.

March 2017

Construction begins

Construction of the first part of the Tampere tramway – Pyynikintori-University Hospital-Hervanta – begins. Construction work is carried out in separate stages at five different sites in the city.

May 2017

First Tampere tramway tracks are laid in Hervanta

The tramway tracks are transported to Hervanta from Antwerp. The first meters of track are laid on concrete slabs at the intersection between Insinöörinkatu and Kanjoninkatu.

June 2017

Tram day is celebrated in Tampere’s central marketplace

Tram day is celebrated in Tampere’s central marketplace on June 6, with a chance to see a real tram on its way to Helsinki from Kajaani. An online forum for residents of Tampere provides information on the tramway project and answers customer questions. The first 1,000 people get a free tram ticket.

July 2017

Track laying begins on Hämeenkatu

In mid-July, the western end of Hämeenkatu see its first tramway tracks.

September 2017

Construction of the tram depot begins

Construction of the tram dept begins in Hervanta at end of Hermiankatu near the Rusko industrial area. Foundation work is expected to last one year, with construction of the depot building beginning in the autumn of 2018.

September 2017

The story of an old wallet

An old wallet that’s been lost for thirty years pops up at a tramway construction site. The owner of the wallet is quickly found with the help of social media.

October 2017

The grand opening of Laulusilta bridge

The opening of a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge across the Hervanta main road is celebrated with balloons and big crowds. Trams fit nicely under the new bridge.

December 2017

The city council approves the next stage in the tramway project

The city council of Tampere decides to begin the second stage in the development and design of the Tampere tramway. The final decision to build a tramway is set for a later date.

February 2018

Construction on the Hämeensilta bridge begins

Renovation of the Hämeensilta bridge take place in two stages: the first stage begins February, when the south end of the bridge is torn down. The legendary bridge statues are moved to a safe location, leaving a temporary gap in this historic location.

March 2018

Review of tram design begins – What in the world is a mock-up?

Tampere’s own tram design project begins and the first mock-up – a full-scale tram model made from plywood and board – is unveiled to test groups from Tampere in Oulu. The design of the tram cars continues based on feedback from the review.

April 2018

Review of colour options for the Tampere tram

The residents of Tampere get to evaluate different tram colour options. The goal is to find the tram colour that best matches Tampere.

May 2018

The results of the tram colour review are made public

The results of the tram colour review are made public. The results will help the design agency responsible for the final tram design and colour to continue its work.

Elokuu 2018

Construction of the depot building begins

Construction of the depot building begins in Hervanta after foundation work is completed.

September 2018

Tampere Tramway celebrates Tampere's Birthday


October 2018

Tampere residents chose a red tram car

In a public vote on tram car colour, the red option received 13,867 votes, which was 59% of all votes. The other colour option – light blue – received 9,711 votes and placed second in the vote. This result means that the Tampere cityscape will have a red tramway starting in 2021. A total of 23,578 votes were submitted during a public vote held in conjunction with the Tampere Day event weekend.

December 2018

The manufacturing of the first tram car begins

The manufacturing of the first Tampere tram car begins at the Transtech factory in Kajaani.

Tammikuu 2019

The stops of the first stage of the tramway are named

On Thursday, January 24, 2019, the City Name Committee of the City of Tampere decided on the names of the stops of the first phase of the tramway. An audience survey was conducted as early as 2014. Most of the stop names are proposals that have won the survey. The committee also made changes to the proposal.

February 2019

The final mock-up of the tram arrives in Tampere

Test groups have already seen the preliminary mock-up in April 2018. Design work on the tram continues and the final tram design and colour are announced in November 2018. The final mock-up makes its way to Tampere in February 2019, when city folk can step inside the tram car for the first time.

A full-scale model of Tampere Tramway will be on display from 21–26 February 2019 in the Sorsapuistosali space at Tampere Hall This event is open to the public daily from 2 pm until 7 pm and it’s free of charge.

February 2019

Tampere Tramway's Temporary art idea search begins

Tampere Tramway’s Temporary art idea search is looking for crazy, creative and visually appealing ideas to brighten up the look of the Tampere city center during the consctrution work. The search for ideas is open from February 1st to May 31st.

March 2019

The fabric designer for Tampere Tramway is selected

Designer (UAS) Laura Gröndahl has been selected to design fabrics for Tampere Tram cars.

April 2019

Public transportation system in the Tampere region gets a new Nysse brand

In many ways, the public transportation system in the Tampere region is facing a new phase, when the tram becomes part of it. During the spring, the renewed Nysse brand will also be gradually introduced.

April 2019

The decision on Linjasto2021 routes is made

The Linjasto2021 project integrates tram and bus traffic into a seamless and cost-effective package. April 11, 2019 The Tampere Region Public Transport Commission made a decision on the route.

April 2019

The operator of the Tampere Tramway is selected

In April 2019, VR Group was selected as the operator of the Tampere Tramway.

May 2019

Tampere Tramway Mock-up Exhibition opens at Rollikkahalli

Starting on 8 May, the full-scale model of a Tampere tram car, also known as “Mock-up”, will be on display to the public. This Mock-up exhibition is being held at the Rollikkahalli building in Pyynikki, and it will be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week. Schools and other groups can also make advance bookings to visit the exhibition on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Maketti-näyttely rollikkahallilla
June 2019

The construction work of the Tuulensuu railway block is completed

Tuulensuu will be completed as the first railway block on Hämeenkatu street in June 2019.

Elokuu 2019

Tuulensuu Block Party

The Tramway Alliance is rebuilding the sidewalks, underground municipal engineering and street lighting in conjunction with the tramway work. Tuulensuu – the first tramway block on our main street – was completed in June. A celebration to mark the completed section of street will be held in the Tuulensuu area from noon to 4 pm on Saturday 24 August. The family-oriented event is free of charge.

September 2019

Construction work on TAYS front yard is completed

The construction work of the tramway in the front yard of Tampere University Hospital is completed.

September 2019

Tampere Tramway celebrates Tampere's 240th Birthday

240-year-old Tampere wants to celebrate its anniversary together with local residents. Events of the day are organised by the city and by numerous third sector actors. The festive programme of Tampere Day has been put together in a traditional way together with the city’s citizens and includes a wide variety of events around the city. The celebrations will take place over the weekend 27-29 September and on the actual birthday, 1 October.

September 2019

The first tram traffic lights arrive in Hervanta

The first tram lights will be erected in Tampere in Hervanta in autumn 2019. From the northern end of Insinöörinkatu, the tram traffic lights come to the first three intersections, ie the junctions of Kanjoninkatu, Orivedenkatu and Opiskelijankatu.

October 2019

Railway Station Block Party

A celebration to mark the completed section of Hämeenkatu street will be held in the Railway station area from noon to 4 pm on Sunday 27 October. The family-oriented event is free of charge.

Rautatieaseman korttelijuhlan mainos
October 2019

Voltage is connected to the Tampere tram line

An important step in the commissioning of a tramway system is when voltage is applied to the line. From 18 November, consent must be sought to work in the vicinity of the tramway. Tampere Tramway Ltd also organizes Sight Safety Training for those working in the vicinity of the tramway.

November 2019

Decision to build a tramway on Hatanpään valtatie

On 25 November 2019, the Tampere City Council decided that the tramway would be extended to Hatanpään valtatie between Hämeenkatu and Tampere highway. The terminal stops at Sorinaukio. The tram line from Tampere University Central Hospital will be lined to Hatanpään valtatie. The decision of the council resulted in a vote of 50-16 (1 abstention).

November 2019

The Tampere City Government is proposing to build a tramway on Hatanpään valtatie

November 2019

Construction work on Sammonkatu and Teiskontie are completed

Construction work on the long sections of Kaleva Street, ie Sammonkatu and Teiskontie, has been completed – ahead of the original schedule.

December 2019

Construction work on Tampere tram depot completed - Tampere Tramway gets a versatile and modern home base

The tram depot is a 24-hour operating center for future tram cars and versatile traffic and maintenance operations. The depot will serve as a storage and maintenance site for the tram cars and a base for future personnel. The depot also handles tram traffic control and maintenance control.

December 2019

Recruitment of tram traffic controllers begins

VR will act as tram operator. The tram operator is responsible for recruitment and training of drivers and traffic controllers. At the turn of the year, VR will start recruiting tram traffic controllers and will continue to recruit drivers in the summer. 

Tammikuu 2020

Construction work on Hatanpään valtaväylä begins

The Tramway Alliance will begin modification of traffic arrangements related to the construction of  Hatanpään valtatie section after the epiphany on January 7th.

March 2020

Track laying on Hämeensilta bridge begins

Track laying on Hämeensilta bridge begins after the second stage of the bridge renovation is completed.

February 2020

A test tram car arrives in Tampere

At the end of February, a tram car from Germany used for testing arrived in Tampere. The wagon made in 1981 has previously been used on Hanover trams. In Tampere, the tram car was used for testing the tram line and related systems before the arrival of Tampere’s first actual tram car, the so-called prototype tram car, in May.

Tampereen Ratikan testivaunu
March 2020

Testing of the tramway system begins

Testing of the Tampere tram line and the tram system started with a test tram car at the tram depot on March 16. The first test runs outside the depot were performed on Hermiankatu, on March 18.

May 2020

The first Tampere tram car arrives

The first Tampere Tram arrives in the tram depot located in Hervanta on May 23.

June 2020

Recruitment of tram drivers begins

VR will act as Tampere Tramway’s operator. The tram operator is responsible for recruitment and training of drivers and traffic controllers. VR will start recruiting about 65 drivers on June 2, 2020.

July 2020

Spot the first Tampere Tram of its kind in traffic

At the beginning of July 2020, the first Tampere Tram of its kind can be seen running back and forth on the track section, braking and accelerating. These are wagon type tests that measure performance values: stopping distance, running characteristics at full speed, outside noise, air conditioning system, etc. The tests will initially be carried out between Hervanta and Turtola area.

September 2020

The second Tampere tram car arrives

The second Tampere Tram will arrive in Tampere in September 2020. The second Tram will be externally ready and reveal the bench pattern.

Watch the introduction video of Tampere Tram:

September 2020

Tampere Tramway's test runs will expand to Kaleva and Tammela area

In September 2020, the test runs of Tampere Tramway will continue in a new area. The first Tampere Tram of its kind will then move between Turtola and Itsenäisyydenkatu railway tunnel and on Teiskontie between Sammonaukio and Kaupinkatu.
October 2020

The third tram car arrives in Tampere

From October 2020, tram cars will start arriving in Tampere at an accelerating pace.

Tammikuu 1970

November 2020

Tampere Tramway's test runs will expand to Pyynikintori

In November, you can spot Tampere Tram for the first time on Hämeenkatu. The test run area will extend all the way to Pyynikintori.

April 2021

Tampere Tramway's commercial test traffic begins

Tampere Tramway will start commercial test traffic in April 2021. Tampere Tram will already be able to travel at that time, but the intervals will vary and there may be breaks. Trial schedules, for example, are tested in test traffic. Bus routes and shifts remain unchanged during the test traffic of the tram.