Frequently asked questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about the Tampere Tram.

Where are the trams built?

The tram cars are built in Kainuu, Finland by Škoda Transtech. Idis Design in Turku is responsible for the design and colour of the tram cars.

How many passengers can one tram carry?

There are a total of 104 seats in Tampere tram. A maximum of 264 passengers can travel on one tram. The tram also has space for 12 prams or 6 large wheelchairs/rollators, 6 place for bicycles and 4 seats for those traveling with a guide dog. Not all of these can fit in the multi-purpose area of ​​the tram at the same time, but the 50 square meters (free floor space) can accommodate a wide range of passengers.

Can you travel on the tram if you’re in a wheelchair/use a rollator?

Of course, you can. Our low-floored trams are 100% wheelchair and rollator friendly. The tram stops are also accessible to people in wheelchairs, parents with prams and elderly people.

Can I take my bike with me on the tram?

Yes you can! The tram has space for 6 bicycles in the multi-purpose area.

You have to buy a single ticket for large means of transport in tram. Paid vehicles include bicycles and kick bikes for those over 7 years of age, as well as kick and balance boards that you cannot carry.

Read more on Nysse’s website

Can I travel with a pram free of charge?

A passenger travelling with a child in a pram or a stroller may travel free of charge in a tram.

Read more on Nysse’s website

Can pets travel in the tram?

Pets are allowed to travel in the specified places, although they are first and foremost meant for guide dogs. The multi-purpose area of ​​the tram is preferred when travelling with pets. Pets travel free of charge.

What are the names of the trams in Tampere?

Tampere Tram is unique by the names of the tram cars. Tampere trams are named on the day of their arrival based on the names found in the calendar. Some of the tram cars were set and some of the names were voted on by the public.

Below is a list of selected names:

TRO01 Lyyli
TRO02 Valma
TRO03 Saaga
TRO04 Lempi
TRO05 Iisakki
TRO06 Visa
TRO07 Helinä
TRO08 Atro
TRO09 Aava
TRO10 Tellervo
TRO11 Tuure
TRO12 Kukka
TRO13 Ritva
TRO14 Ensio
TRO15 Urho
TRO16 Päiviö
TRO17 Aliisa
TRO18 Olga
TRO19 Veera
TRO20 Hilla

Where can I find the schedules or plan my journey?

Timetables and all the necessary information for traveling can be found on Nysse’s website.

How do I pay my trip in a tram?

You can pay your tram trip with Nysse travel card, mobile ticket or with contactless payment. Show the travel card, mobile ticket or payment card to the card reader every time when entering the tram.

Single tickets are not sold in the tram. You can buy a single ticket in advance from any of Nysse’s top up points. If you buy a single ticket from a bus (in cash), you can travel with it in the tram during the validity of the ticket. Show the ticket to the inspector when asked.

The ticket needed in trams includes zones A-B.

How can the tram be stopped as a passenger or at a stop?

The tram stops automatically at all stops, making it easy to get on or off.

How do I stop the tram?

The tram stops with every stop. There is no need to wave your hand or search for the stop-button.

Why is Tampere Tram red?

In a public vote on tram car colour, the red option received 13,867 votes, which was 59% of all votes. The other colour option – light blue – received 9,711 votes and placed second in the vote. A total of 23,578 votes were submitted during a public vote held in conjunction with the Tampere Day event weekend. The Tampere cityscape now has red trams.

Whose word art is in the windows of Tampere Tram?

From the windows of the tram you can read the word art of Kirsi Kunnas, Jari Mäkipa, Salla Simuka, Lukas Jokilehto, Pekka Kytömäki and Milja Niemi. The ensemble is curated by the Night Art Association Yöstäjät and the texts are written in the Hervanta font designed by Emil Bertell. Word art is part of the Tampere Tram Art program.

Who designed the tram bench pattern?

The pattern designer of Tampereen Tram is designer Laura Gröndahl. The selection of the pattern designer was made on the basis of both the jury’s votes and the audience votes given online and at the Tampere tram mock-up exhibition.

In the pattern, you can see, for example, the provincial bird, tree and flower of Pirkanmaa. In addition, the tram and a heart can be seen in the pattern, for example.

Who takes care of the track maintenance?

The track is maintained by the Tampere Tramway Maintenance Alliance.

What is the track gauge of the Tampere tramway?

The track gauge of the Tampere tramway is 1,435 mm, which is the same that is commonly used elsewhere in Europe and the Nordic countries. (The track gauge of the Helsinki tramway is 1000 mm.)

How to apply for the position of a tram driver and / or traffic controller?

VR is the operator of the tram. The operator is responsible for recruitment and training of drivers and traffic controllers. Jobs can be found at

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