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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about the Tampere Tram.

What colour will the Tampere Tram be?

In a public vote on tram car colour, the red option received 13,867 votes, which was 59% of all votes. The other colour option – light blue – received 9,711 votes and placed second in the vote. This result means that the Tampere cityscape will have a red tramway starting in 2021. A total of 23,578 votes were submitted during a public vote held in conjunction with the Tampere Day event weekend.

When will tram traffic begin in Tampere?

You can board the tram on its maiden voyage in 2021, when the first tram line is operational. You can then travel by tram from Pyynkintori to Hervanta and Tampere University Hospital. We’ll also be testing trams on the new line before it is open to the public. The official opening date for tram services is August 9, 2021.

Can you travel on the tram if you’re in a wheelchair?

Of course, you can. Our low-floored trams are 100% wheelchair friendly. The tram stops are also accessible to people in wheelchairs, parents with prams and elderly people.

Where will the trams be built?

The tram cars will be built in Finland by Škoda Transtech. Idis Design in Turku is responsible for the design and colour of the tram cars.

What’s a mock-up?

A mock-up is a full-scale model of a tram car. A preliminary mock-up was used to evaluate the tram design at the beginning of the design process.  The design team also created a final mock-up that looks and feels just like our tram. This mock-up was on view to the public in October and November 2018.

How many passengers can one tram carry?

The tram has space for 12 prams or 6 large wheelchairs, 6 place for bicycles and 4 seats for those traveling with a guide dog. Not all of these can fit in the multi-purpose area of ​​the tram at the same time, but the 50 square meters (free floor space) can accommodate a wide range of passengers. There are a total of 104 seats in Tampere tram. A maximum of 264 passengers can travel on one tram.

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