In April, we judge colour options for the new tram – later this autumn, we’ll know what the Tampere tram looks like

The Tampere tram brand was inspired by the city’s unique location between two lakes, as well as the many red-brick factories and historical buildings that define the cityscape. The Tampere tram colouring will be based on this new brand look, which is already visible on this site.

In April, the residents of Tampere helped choose the final colour options for the new tram. By visiting the Tampereen Ratikka website, they could select the colour options that best represented the values and goals of the Tampere tram project and the broader city milieu. To learn more about tram design and colouring, you can visit the Finnish-language version of this site or follow Tampereen Ratikka on social media.

The final design and colour of the Tampere tram will be revealed this autumn. The final mock-up or full-scale tram model also arrives in Tampere at the end of October, when everyone is invited to have a closer look at our future tram.