Tampere residents are helping to make trams comfortable and easy to use

Tampere residents are helping to make trams comfortable and easy to use

The residents of Tampere are making a difference in what kind of tram they will be using in the coming years. In March and April, a select group of residents took part in a review of the new tram car in which they evaluated the tram design in terms of overall usability. The group had at its disposal a preliminary wood mock-up or full-scale model of a tram car. The review aimed to ensure that the new Tampere tramway would provide an unbeatable travel experience when it comes to convenience and passenger comfort.

The residents also used the mock-up to assess different factors that affect travel comfort, including placement of seats, handrails and door buttons. This hands-on testing guarantees that the tram will be 100% passenger-friendly.

Tampereen Ratikan ensimmäinen maketti

The mock-up is a full-scale wood model of the Tampere tram.

In total, six groups assessed the tram’s usability and accessibility – especially from the stand point of tram passengers traveling with prams and bicycles. The review groups were assembled from different organizations and associations in the Tampere region.

This year, Tampere Tramway Ltd. also arranged a mock-up journey to the tram manufacturer’s production site in Oulu. Journey registration took place on the Tampereen Ratikka site earlier this spring, with fifteen lucky tram enthusiasts taking part in the day-long trip.   

The high point of the year will be the arrival of the final mock-up or full-scale tram model in Tampere at the end of October, when everyone is invited to have a closer look at our future tram.