As a partner of the Lyyli Living Lab, you get an unique opportunity to improve the development process of your urban mobility products and services. Get to know the basic principles for using the open Lyyli Living Lab development environment and become our partner!

Lyyli’s Operating Model

Lyyli Living Lab has been operating since the beginning of 2022 in small-scale trials, and the first larger trial began at the end of April 2022. The project already has nearly 20 committed partners at this time.

All interested Finnish and international actors can participate in the project by sending an application to Tampere Tramway Ltd and approving the annual membership fee corresponding to their selected commitment period. 

The basic principles for using the open Lyyli Living Lab development environment

Why Become a Partner?

As our partner, you

  • get the opportunity to develop and test your services and products in a real operating environment: the Tampere Tramway system
  • get to take advantage of a development environment that includes different user groups with feedback systems
  • get visibility and references in the unique and controlled setting of the Living Lab
  • can network with other companies and operators in the field and create opportunities for new business ideas both within the framework of Living Lab’s operations and various events
  • get the opportunity to use compatible urban rail specific data (test tram, trams, feeder service, rail network, stops, depot, etc.)

Membership fee

The annual membership fee varies depending on the commitment period and the size/type of the organization. The membership fee is charged annually at the beginning of the membership period. The membership period can start at the beginning of the agreed month in the middle of the calendar year.

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