Tampere residents choose between three tram car colour options

Tampere residents choose between three tram car colour options

The Tampere Tramway project has reached the phase in which the tram car design will be specified in more detail in cooperation with Tampere residents. Residents will have the opportunity to express their opinion about the colour scheme for Tampere Tramway. The options are red, dark blue and light blue. A colour evaluation is currently underway on the Tampere Tramway website (Tampereratikka.fi) from 9 April to 23 April. The aim of giving everyone a chance to evaluate the colour is to use concrete alternatives to determine which colour will make the Tramway a part of Tampere.

The colour of the tram car is a key part of design, while design has an impact on the image that develops around the mode of transport. The colour of Tampere Tramway has to fit in with the landscape of Tampere, it has to stand out from other city traffic, and it has to symbolise reliability, internationality and timelessness.

– The ideas about colour presented earlier were separate from the design process. The tram car colour is being planned as part of the design concept because the appearance of the car and interior design and colour worlds have to be compatible. Design solutions are also evaluated in different connections. The tram car has to be natural in changing city environments – in the wet snow of November and the bright light of July, explains Pekka Sirviö, who is CEO of Tampere Tramway.

The colour options now revealed were designed to meet the needs of Tampere Tramway and create the desired service experience. The aim was to use colours options that are different from the pink used in conjunction with construction of the tramway infrastructure. This ensures that the tramway system will develop its own unique brand.

The colours on display are not final in terms of tone, because the eventual tram car colour can only be decided after the design is complete. Plans call for the use of a metallic colour in the tram cars, which provides a more impressive colour surface.

Tampere Tramway Ltd is responsible for the acquisition and design of the tram car equipment as well as brand development. The colour options are based on the Tampere Tramway brand, which Tampere Tramway Ltd has planned in cooperation with Tampere business life, representatives of culture and associations, as well as representatives of Tampere’s tramline development programme, the Tramway Alliance and City of Tampere.

The people who participate in evaluating the tram car colour options can examine the three colours and they will be asked to assess the impressions inspired by the colours. The colour evaluation also provides the opportunity to submit open comments. The opinions expressed in the evaluation will be used when finalising the Tampere Tramway design.

– It’s important for Tampere residents to have a stake in the Tramway, so we’ve involved different user groups in the various phases of tram car design in order to assess usability and the design solutions. The evaluation of tram car colour options will give us a summary of how Tampere residents feel and provide our designers with valuable feedback, says Pekka Sirviö.

The final shape and colour of Tampere Tramway will be revealed at the end of the year. That will also be the first opportunity for Tampere residents to see the new transport equipment with the help of a full-scale model of the tram car (also known as “Maketti”). Produced in two stages, Maketti will help the tram car designers and different user groups test the car’s usability before actual production begins.

The evaluation of tram car colour options is open to everyone until 23 April at Tampereenratikka.fi.


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