Tampere Tramway is joining the UMK excitement

Finland’s largest music show, Contest for New Music UMK arrives at Nokia Arena on Saturday, February 10th. UMK excitement takes over Tampere even before the event day, and Tampere Tramway will take part in the festivities. 

Raitiovaununkuljettaja Herman Keränen UMK-rusetti kaulassa
Tram driver Herman Keränen. Image: Laura Vanzo/ Visit Tampere

During the event week, the Tram drivers will wear theme-appropriate bows, and the Tram windows will feature stickers reminding passengers of the upcoming event.

On the event day itself, Saturday, February 10th, Tampere Tramway will host a UMK-themed pop-up event on the Tampere Art Tram together with the city of Tampere. The Tampere Art Tram and DJ Juissi, a local talent, will take passengers on a musical journey through UMK history.

Dj Juissi
Dj Juissi.

The Art Tram will operate on line 3 between Hervantajärviand Santalahti. The first departure will be from Hervantajärvi at 2:05 PM, and the return journey from Santalahti back to Hervanta will be at 2:47. The pop-up event will conclude at Hervantajärvi at 3:21. You can recognize the Tampere Art Tram by the colorful artwork on its sides, created by artist Teemu Raudaskoski.

Tampereen taideratikan teos Värivirta
Tampere Art Tram. Image: Pasi Tiitola/ Tampereen Tramway Ltd.