Tampere Tramway’s fabric designer will be selected by public and jury votes

Tampere Tramway’s fabric designer will be selected by public and jury votes

The fabric designer for Tampere Tramway will be selected on the basis of public and jury voting held on 21–26 February 2018.  At that time, the fabric options and designers will be presented to the public in conjunction with the Tampere Tram Mock-up Exhibition being held at Tampere Hall.

City residents will be able to learn more about the proposals and designers and vote for the designer of their preferred visual concept. You can vote at the Tampere Tram Mock-up Exhibition or on the Tampere Tramway website at www.tampereenratikka.fi for the duration of the voting process.

Design of the fabric that will eventually be used in the tram cars will continue with the selected designer. This process will take place in parallel with tram car design. The public vote result will count for 20% and the jury vote for 80%. The designer who is most popular with the public will also be recognised. The final decision on the fabric designer will be made in early March.

In autumn 2018, an open portfolio application process was arranged for Tampere Tramway fabric design. In October, an 8-person jury selected three designers to develop fabrics for the Tampere Tramway textiles. The selected designers were Professor Emerita and Textile Artist Helena Hyvönen, Designer (UAS) Laura Gröndahl and Artist Pasi Niininen. Under the guidance of the jury, they have been working on different fabrics for the tramway since early October. Each designer has now submitted the two fabric proposals they consider best for Tampere Tramway. The public and jury will be able to vote on these options.

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