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Tampere City Council made a decision on construction of section 2 of the tramway and guidelines for the regional tramway

On 19 October 2020, Tampere City Council made a decision to build section 2 of the tramway from Pyynikintori to Lentävänniemi. The City Council also decided on guidelines for the regional tramway.

An illustration of the tram on Sepänkatu. Image: City of Tampere and Sitowise Oy

Section 2A of the western branch of the tramway will run from Pyynikintori along Pirkankatu and Sepänkatu across the main railway track and then along Paasikivenkatu to the renewed Santalahti residential area. In the following 2B implementation section, the tramway will cross Paasikiventie on a bridge and run via Näsisaari to Hiedanranta before continuing through the Niemenranta area to Lentävänniemi.

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