Tampere City Council made a decision on construction of section 2 of the tramway and guidelines for the regional tramway


On 19 October 2020, Tampere City Council made a decision to build section 2 of the tramway from Pyynikintori to Lentävänniemi. The City Council also decided on guidelines for the regional tramway.

Tampere Tramway stands out positively – Find out more about the first fully-equipped tram car


The first fully-equipped tram car arrived in Tampere late in the evening on Saturday 12 September. Its arrival marked a major milestone in Tampere Tramway’s journey towards the start of traffic, because the car has been tested and received type-approval. This means testing of the next cars manufactured as serial production will proceed much faster.

A cheering crowd witnessed the tram’s first journey in Kaleva and Tammela – test runs and other tests succeeded as expected


Tampere Tramway’s first test runs in the Kaleva and Tammela area met all expectations. All tests on the tram car, track and various technical systems proceeded as planned. The tram’s arrival in Kaleva and Tammela attracted a large crowd, which applauded the testing team from balconies and street level. Test runs will continue in late autumn on Hämeenkatu and Pirkankatu in the city centre.

The Tampere Tramway era begins with test runs – Make sure you understand the traffic rules!


Test runs on Tampere’s new tramway track began with a test car in mid-March 2020 and will continue with the very first Tampere Tramway car in early July. The tram car is a completely new vehicle in Tampere traffic. In order to make moving around smooth and safe for everyone, it’s a good idea for everyone to review the traffic rules and stay alert. The Tampere Tramway website contains plenty of information about traffic safety in the Tramway city. You can also download traffic safety materials for your personal use.

Versatile and modern stops for Tampere Tramway – Tampere University Hospital tram stop will be completed first, shelter installations at other stops begin in July


Along with the tram cars, Tampere Tramway’s stops will be a visible part of the cityscape A total of 24 stops will be built on section 1 of the tramway (City Centre-Hervanta, Tampere University Hospital-Hatanpään valtatie). Three tram stop reservations have been made to meet future needs.

Tampere Tramway is the largest in the Nordic countries and designed in cooperation with Tampere residents – Spot the tram car in traffic from late June onwards


Another important milestone in the Tampere Tramway story was reached on 23 May when the first Tampere tram car arrived in the city. Tampere Tramway’s tram cars are being manufactured at Škoda Transtech Oy's Otanmäki factory in Kajaani. Europe’s most modern tram car will move outside the depot for the first time during test runs scheduled to start around the end of June.