Tampere’s tram car looks smooth, streamlined and functional


The starting point when designing tram cars was to find a solution that clearly says “Tampere” and suits the city’s needs. Tampere’s tram car has an inviting appearance that also clearly symbolises forward motion. In terms of exterior shape, key elements include the shape of the front end, bright passenger compartments, the rhythm of window lines and doors as well as the use of LED lights. The tram car has a metallic paint surface, the colour of which will be determined in a public vote held during Tampere Day on 29–30 September 2018. The public can choose between two colours. The colour of the tram car will be announced on Monday 1 October – the same day that Tampere celebrates its 239th anniversary.

A sustainable city runs on rails


A tramway is a low-emission mode of transport, but it's good to look beyond the emissions numbers when assessing its environmental friendliness. The impacts of this completely new traffic system reach far and wide. Energy and climate expert Elina Seppänen explains in more detail.

Tampere residents choose between three tram car colour options


The Tampere Tramway project has reached the phase in which the tram car design will be specified in more detail in cooperation with Tampere residents. Residents will have the opportunity to express their opinion about the colour scheme for Tampere Tramway. The options are red, dark blue and light blue. A colour evaluation is currently underway on the Tampere Tramway website ( from 9 April to 23 April. The aim of giving everyone a chance to evaluate the colour is to use concrete alternatives to determine which colour will make the Tramway a part of Tampere.

Tampere residents are helping to make trams comfortable and easy to use


The new Tampere tram will be comfortable, easy to use and bright. That’s why many Tampere residents are taking part in the testing and design of the tram car. Together we can make the best possible tram for our city.

In April, we evaluated colour options for the new tram – later this autumn, we’ll know what the Tampere tram looks like


This year has been especially important to Tampere Tram project, because the final design and colour of the tram will be determined with the help of everyone in Tampere. In April, for example, city residents had a say in the design of tram’s interior design and colour selection. Later this autumn, we will know what the Tampere tram looks like.

We asked Tampere residents how they feel about the tramway – the majority have a positive opinion


Tamperelaisten näkemyksiä raitiotiestä selvittäneen kyselytutkimuksen mukaan vastaajista lähes jokainen pitää pyrkimystä kehittää Tamperetta tärkeänä ja valtaosa suhtautuu raitiotiehen myönteisesti. Vastaajien reilu enemmistö (69 %) uskoo raitiotien vahvistavan Tampereen keskustan elinvoimaisuutta. Raitiotiellä katsotaan olevan myönteisiä vaikutuksia myös omaan elämään. Vastaajista puolet (54 %) arvioi, että raitiotie tekee Tampereesta mukavamman paikan asua. Vastaajien enemmistö (56 %) kertookin suhtautuvansa raitiotiehen erittäin tai jonkin verran myönteisesti. Tulokset käyvät ilmi Tampereen Raitiotie Oy:n teettämästä kyselytutkimuksesta, jonka toteutti IRO Research Oy. Vastaajina kyselytutkimuksessa oli yhteensä 500 Tampereen asukasta, jotka olivat iältään 15–75-vuotiaita.